Pb Rosy’s Last Chemo Treatment!

An update from Pb Rosy concerning her health: Happy Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul. Hopefully you are well . This morning I went for blood tests. The reports have improved.  I shall have the 6th and last chemotherapy June 30th. I need your prayers so that the miraculous power of the Theotokos may help me to accept all that comes from the Lord Jesus Christ. I believe that I will be healed soon. With love and prayers. Pb Rosy … [Read more...]

Help Us Help Pb. Rosy

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, We hope the fast has provided the means to draw further into life in Christ, and that you have stayed strong in our mutual, spiritual struggle. “During the Lenten season we are trying our best to perform our duty in the Orthodox Mission in Pakistan,” said Fr. John. “Though sometimes we get stuck, God always encourages us to carry on His mission.” It is with heavy hearts that we must inform you of developments with the health of Pb. Rosy. Pb. Rosy was … [Read more...]

A message from Fr John after Lahore attacks

Dear Friend, We reached out to Fr John for an update concerning his and our Orthodox brethren's safety in the wake of recent terror attacks in Lahore. He had this to say: Thank God, we all are okay, though this incident happened close to our area. Here the situation is very dangerous but thank you so much for your kind concern for us. God Bless you, Fr. John Times like these recall to memory hymns such as this: "Oh Lord save your people and bless your inheritance! Granting to your … [Read more...]

Fr John, A First Responder to Attacks

The priest from Pakistan: Hearing the blast, I immediately ran to the place of tragedy   Yesterday we were with my mother at the liturgy in our church. When we returned home in the evening, I went out into the yard and heard the noise, both from the Big Bang, because my house is not far from the park, Gulshan-e-Iqbal in Lahore, where the tragedy occurred. We were separated less than one kilometer. I immediately went down the street, saw people running. People on the day was very … [Read more...]

An Urgent Message from Fr John Tanveer

Dear Friends Lord God is great who always looks after us. Last Saturday, at midnight while we were sleeping, 25 to 30 people came to attack us. They broke our main door, damaged our vehicle and windows. Then the situation became very odd because they were slandering our faith.We survived, but a lot of destruction has been done. We are thankful for our neighbors who supported us and threw them out. Now we are planning to move somewhere else. Even in this situation I will never stop … [Read more...]

August 2015 update

Dear Friend, Thank you for  your faithful prayers and financial support, the Orthodox Mission in Pakistan continues to grow both in size and in maturity. This newsletter will bring you up to date on a number of recent developments. We are are pleased to present to you an update on Father John Tanveer's recent trip to Russia, a request for prayer for the people of Pakistan, and good news of an Orthodox man recently released from prison. In June, Fr John had the great blessing to travel … [Read more...]

January 2015 – Fr. John Tavneer Appeals for Help

Christ is born! We are thankful to God who is always with us and encourages us in our Mission. Now the First Orthodox church is almost completed and we are trying our best to beautify the house of God. The Altar is ready and red carpet is put on the floor inside the church. The faithful are strengthening their faith day by day. There are many things which are in need to strengthen Orthodoxy here in Pakistan. Your moral support which makes us brave and healthy in awful situation. … [Read more...]

First Orthodox Church in Pakistan Consecrated

On February 6. 2014 the first consecration of an Orthodox Church occured in Lahore, Pakistan. Fr. John Tanveer is the priest who founded and built the parish. Attending the Consecration were: Metr. Konstantinos of Singapore and Fr. Martin Ritzi, Executive Director of the Orthodox Christian Mission Center (OCMC), who secured an anonymous donation that made the land acquisition and building construction possible. Many Orthodox faithful were in attendance, as well as a number of diplomats … [Read more...]

First Service in the First Orthodox in Pakistan Held on Christmas Day

With thanksgiving to God for His gracious blessing and protection, the first service in the first Orthodox Church in Pakistan was held yesterday. The Church is not yet furnished for Divine Liturgy, but Fr. John gathered the faithful there for a time of prayer and thanksgiving. As you can see, they were not reluctant to proclaim the joy of the season to their neighborhood! Glory to God for all things! Fr. John sends this message of greeting to us: “People are happy and praying for all of you … [Read more...]

Fr. John Tanveer Interviewed by Russian Orthodox Church [VIDEO]

Fr. John Tanveer is interviewed by a priest from the Russian Orthodox Church about the Orthodox Church in Pakistan. … [Read more...]