Three Tests and a Wedding

Dear friend,

Fr John sends his gratitude to you for your generosity, and has the following updates concerning the mission: 

Pb Rosy is getting better every day. She has finished her sixth chemotherapy session. Her doctors ordered lab tests for her, and we are waiting to hear the results from them. 
The parishoners of Annunciation Orthodox Church in Wazirabad are being harassed by another group of “Christians”. These people have disturbed the community by stealing crosses, bibles, Holy Icons, and attempting to convert people by bribery. Fr John has approached the Pakistani government concerning the troublemakers, and the government has posted guards around the church’s compound. 
Fr John recently performed a wedding, and brought four families into the church as converts. Fr John said “The work of God will never stop”. Please continue to pray for our Pakistani brethren, and remember them when deciding how to bless others with your generosity during the Advent season. 
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