About OMP

The Orthodox Mission in Pakistan (OMP) was officially established in 2005, under the omophorion of the Orthodox Metropolitanate of Hong Kong and South East Asia. Currently there is one Orthodox priest in all of Pakistan, Fr. John Tanveer, and over 400 faithful. At present, OMP does not have a physical church building. For now, the faithful gather for liturgy in the home of Fr. John. OMP dreams of building an Orthodox church where the faithful can come and worship.

OMP’s primary mission is to serve the spiritual needs of the Orthodox faithful of Pakistan.

OMP seeks to witness to and represent Christ’s love by ministering to those in need. OMP provides for those in need without regard to caste, creed, religion, or other social distinctions. OMP is particularly concerned with caring for orphans, the elderly, invalids, the homeless, shut-ins, the indigent, prisoners, and those who are physically or mentally ill. Through Fr. John’s labors and with the help of volunteers, OMP assists those in need by providing:

  • Medicines and medical supplies for the sick
  • Financial assistance
  • Counseling
  • Food
  • Clothing