Come and See the Wonders of Orthodoxy in Pakistan

Dear Friends, The blessing of our Lord God is with you all! Since the Great Feast of the Nativity is fast approaching, it is my duty to thank you for the contributions you have made and to share my all pastoral activities from this year. The Lord Jesus Christ came for the Universal Salvation without discrimination among poor and rich. Salvation for the sinners, the sick, the needy, the poor, the orphans, the widows, the outcast and the marginalized. In the environment where the … [Read more...]

Orthodox Mission in Pakistan July Newsletter

Dear Friends of OMP, We hope this newsletter finds you well. Fr John and Presvytera Rosy continue to labor for the Church under difficult circumstances, strengthening, supporting and comforting the Orthodox faithful in their daily lives. We’ve included here a few highlights of recent activities. Each time we speak with Fr John, he emphasizes how much he is encouraged and strengthened by the support and prayers of Orthodox brethren around the world. Please continue to keep them in your … [Read more...]

Fr John, A First Responder to Attacks

The priest from Pakistan: Hearing the blast, I immediately ran to the place of tragedy   Yesterday we were with my mother at the liturgy in our church. When we returned home in the evening, I went out into the yard and heard the noise, both from the Big Bang, because my house is not far from the park, Gulshan-e-Iqbal in Lahore, where the tragedy occurred. We were separated less than one kilometer. I immediately went down the street, saw people running. People on the day was very … [Read more...]

An Urgent Message from Fr John Tanveer

Dear Friends Lord God is great who always looks after us. Last Saturday, at midnight while we were sleeping, 25 to 30 people came to attack us. They broke our main door, damaged our vehicle and windows. Then the situation became very odd because they were slandering our faith.We survived, but a lot of destruction has been done. We are thankful for our neighbors who supported us and threw them out. Now we are planning to move somewhere else. Even in this situation I will never stop … [Read more...]

August 2015 update

Dear Friend, Thank you for  your faithful prayers and financial support, the Orthodox Mission in Pakistan continues to grow both in size and in maturity. This newsletter will bring you up to date on a number of recent developments. We are are pleased to present to you an update on Father John Tanveer's recent trip to Russia, a request for prayer for the people of Pakistan, and good news of an Orthodox man recently released from prison. In June, Fr John had the great blessing to travel … [Read more...]